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Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Trigger Links, Oh My!

Instagram Now Live!

Our social planner now allows users to schedule social media posts on Facebook, Google My Business, AND Instagram. You can even post to Facebook groups. Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing new features that allow you to schedule to stories, add carousel images, and more.

List Segmentation

Use tags and smart lists to segment your audience so the right people receive the right marketing messages.

Custom Fields

Make any reach out feel personal with custom fields. Goodbye templated content and hello personalization!

Track Your Success

Use Trigger Links to track link clicks and craft automated followups so Ideal™ does the work for you.

Feature Spotlight

Easy Email Builder

Designing a beautiful email newsletter or mass blast should NOT be difficult. That's why we made our drag-and-drop email builder.

Choose from a variety of starter templates, easily clone your designs, or start from scratch with our email builder. Upload photos, gifts, or video embeds. Set off automations when emails are opened or when links are clicked. Power your growth with intentional outreach.

Marketing Templates

The Ideal™ Templates feature within Marketing allows you to customize text or email outreach that you use over and over again to streamline your workflow. Fill templates with custom fields so that the outreach feels intentional. Easily choose from templates in the conversation window and send to clients as needed or set up automated workflows to do it for you.

The Marketing Game-Changer

Why spend so much time and money on different platforms just to get your message across? Streamline your communication and marketing plan with Ideal™ and find all the tools in one place.

Schedule Your Life

We know everything gets easier when you can plan. Now you can schedule social posts and emails so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Unlimited Users + Contacts

Unlike other email builders or social posters, you will never be charged by the number of users or the number of contacts in your system.

More Features

We get it, this software does a LOT! But then again, so do you. Let's help you get your business back on track and better than ever with our suite of back office tools to help you go further, faster.


Customer Relationship Management Database


Omni channel communications platform


Project and sales management pipelines


Build and sell courses + workshops


Book, sync, and schedule your meetings


Recurring payments, invoicing, + text-to-pay


Build seamless, automated workflows


Email marketing, social media planner, + more

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