One Inbox to Rule Them All.

No more switching back and forth between tons of different apps. Now you can respond to customers all in one place.

No More Forgotten Details

Thanks to Ideal™ call recording, you’ll never have to miss another detail from a customer call! This feature is also great for employee training and overall record keeping.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Build conversation templates and automations to make responding easier.

Meet Customers Where They Are

Let your customers decide the easiest way to reach you.

Track Employee Success

Access call logs, progress reports, and more.

Feature Spotlight


Integrate our Webchat widget onto your website to capture hot leads without lifting a finger!

Gather valuable contact information from potential customers who are ready-to-buy. No need to staff a live chat 24/7! Build an automated response to Webchat inquiries so that you can keep converting customers in your sleep.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Ideal™ accounts come with an unlimited number of users, meaning all of your employees can get in on the fun. Our backend interface makes it easy to see who’s responding to your customers. You can even read messages without marking them as “read.”

Improve Your Customer Service

Putting all your conversations in one place makes it easier than ever for your team to communicate with customers, speed up response times, and get more done.

Missed Call Text Back

Transition missed calls to text with a customized missed call text back that connects you to customers day or night.

Text + Email Templates

Streamline repetitive processes through text and email templates, keeping things personalized with custom values.

More Features

We get it, this software does a LOT! But then again, so do you. Let's help you get your business back on track and better than ever with our suite of back office tools to help you go further, faster.


Customer Relationship Management Database


Omni channel communications platform


Project and sales management pipelines


Build and sell courses + workshops


Book, sync, and schedule your meetings


Recurring payments, invoicing, + text-to-pay


Build seamless, automated workflows


Email marketing, social media planner, + more

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