Schedule, Meet, and Close Sales

No more back and forth! Easily book individual or team meetings.

No More Missed Appointments

Thanks to Ideal™, you can set up appointment notifications for yourself and for your clients. After all, your time is valuable!

Universal Meeting Links

Want to schedule a meeting? Send a link. Your calendar can even talk to other team calendars for availability.

Round Robin

There are several different ways to handle booked appointments with multiple staff members including Round Robin.

Easily View Schedules

Inside the Calendar Feature, you can see Ideal™ and Google calendars all integrated in one place.

Feature Spotlight

Booking Links

Create your calendar and share your link with clients to easily book meetings without all the back-and-forth.

There are so many different ways to customize Calendars. Book one-on-ones, team meetings, Round Robin, and more. Integrate beautiful booking calendars into your website and start getting more appointments today.


Ideal™ has an open API. That means our software can integrate with just about any other platform that will let us. Many of our clients prefer their industry-specific booking platforms but still want to use Ideal™ for everything else. With a custom integration, you will be able to see appointments from your calendar booking software of choice right inside of Ideal™!

All Your Data, All In One Place

Let's face it: most businesses have an outdated or disorganized file system. Whether that means stacks of files in a cabinet or way too many folders on your desktop, it's time to bring everything into one place.

Track Appointments

Easily see your customer's next appointment from inside the CRM. We integrate with third-party booking platforms as well!

View Customer Journey

Use the Activity panel in the CRM to view your customer's journey from specific pages visited on your website to forms filled out and more!

More Features

We get it, this software does a LOT! But then again, so do you. Let's help you get your business back on track and better than ever with our suite of back office tools to help you go further, faster.


Customer Relationship Management Database


Omni channel communications platform


Project and sales management pipelines


Build and sell courses + workshops


Book, sync, and schedule your meetings


Recurring payments, invoicing, + text-to-pay


Build seamless, automated workflows


Email marketing, social media planner, + more

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